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Areas of the Church not being used for a Church purpose may be used by organizations or individuals upon written application filed 15 days prior to an event. Such applications are to be submitted to the Church Office for approval. No verbal approval will be given, only signed approval of the House Committee will constitute an agreement. Events scheduled after business hours are subject to the availability of a Church Building Agent. For his or her time, a two (2) hour minimum, remuneration is expected (check with Church Office for current rates).

A. The applicant will provide a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE for liability and property damage (for First Church members on a personal basis and First Church groups, this insurance is waived), covering the First Congregational Church of Waterbury, Inc. as additional insured. Liability Insurance will provide coverage for at least $100,000 for each person and $500,000 for each accident and coverage for property damage of $50,000. In the case of lost or stolen possessions, the Church nor its agents will not be held responsible.

B. The applicant will provide: adequate supervision, compliance with all City and State regulations (regarding Health, Safety, Fire, and Nuisance regulations) at no expense to the Church, and agrees to hold the Church harmless from all claims. The applicant/representative must be present at all times during the program. That person is responsible for following directives from the Building Agent.

C. The applicant will use ONLY the area, rooms or equipment for which use was granted. At no time may the applicant sublet, in whole or in part, any part of the Church or its properties and/or equipment. Additional rooms or equipment needed will be provided at the discretion of the Building Agent. The applicant will leave the facilities in as good a condition as it was in which it was found. Additional fees will be charged if the facilities are left in an unacceptable condition.

D. Any Church musical instrument MUST be cleared (in writing) by the Director of Music. Rehearsal times must be noted and approved by the office and Director of Music.

E. The applicant agrees to reimburse the Church for all: breakage of, and damage to, the premises and property; and for expenses incurred for the removal of trash and/or clean-up of the premises.

F. If application has been made and approved to meet at regular intervals, the date, time and location of each meeting must be cleared by phone or in person with the Church office THREE (3) working days before the event. Failure to confirm your event might result in the loss of the area requested or use of the facilities. In the event of a conflict the Church office will render the decision as to locations based on need and size requirements.

G. Only free-standing exhibits may be used. The use of tapes, thumb tacks, nails, hooks, MASKING TAPE, or other similar materials on walls or tables is prohibited. The ONLY approved adhesive tape to be used is "SCOTCH BRAND (3M) MAGIC TAPE" and is to be removed after the program.



J. NO PARKING PRIVILEGES WILL BE GRANTED. There are however THREE (3) restricted parking spaces. Space #1- Is reserved for the Minister of the Church (located nearest the rear door), Space #10 is reserved for the Disabled, Space #24 (nearest the Dumpster) is reserved for the Building Superintendent or Sexton on duty (this area may also be used for the temporary loading or unloading of vehicles).

K. NO RAFFLES OR GAMES OF CHANCE are permitted on the Church premises.

L. The Church reserves the right to refuse the use of facilities or equipment to any group or individuals.

M. Inclement weather- Notification of a cancellation must be made to the Church as soon as possible. If the Church feels that the weather is too severe or is not going to improve, the Church reserves the right to close the building and give notice to the representative who is responsible for informing the public.

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE TO BE SUPPLIED BY THE APPLICANT: All paper goods i.e. tablecloths, cups, plasticware, napkins, coffee, tea, sugar, creamers, etc. Applicant will be allowed to use the Church’s small (10-cup) coffeemaker and the Church’s coffee filters. Trash is to be removed by the applicant and put inside the dumpster outside the kitchen door.


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